Adobe flash player may not uninstall automatically: check now!

In early January we wrote about the demise of Adobe Flash Player and how it had reached end of life. Indeed Adobe themselves made a change so that it wouldn’t play any content after January 12th this year. So it effectively became an un-used, un-supported and un-secure piece of software on your computer, which Microsoft have clearly realised. An update to Windows last year (KB4577586 for those of you that worry about these things) made un-installing Flash Player optional, but now Microsoft are re-running this update automatically to actively remove Flash Player.


This update will not work on Flash Player installations that were completed using the Adobe standalone installer. So it is important that you check periodically to make sure that Flash Player does get un-installed. If not, you will have software that could pose a security threat to your device. If you need to uninstall a standalone version of Flash, click here to see the instructions listed on Adobe’s website.

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