Many businesses fail to provide adequate training to their employees on the safe use of their systems and how to spot unusual activity.  

Not all cyber attacks can be stopped by system controlsIf employees do not know how to spot the likes of a phishing email they will be extremely vulnerable to the most common and successful forms of cyber-attack.  

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are where a cyber attacker gains access to a mailbox to monitor communications and then uses the information to send realistic fraudulent emails for financial gain. 

This is the most common form of cyber-attack that we have been commissioned to deal with often having resulted in serious financial loss. In all cases, more adequate user security awareness (alongside other controls) could have prevented or significantly reduced the impact of the attack.  

Cyber security awareness should not be a ‘box ticking’ exercise. Employers must go a step further go guaranteeing employees have the right training and information. This is why Labyrinth are introducing a Microsoft 365 integrated user security awareness platform featuring modules that cover all of the below.

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