Not a problem! Either your named Technical Account Manager or one of our product specialists are always available for visits when necessary. Which it will be depends on the issue, which could simply be for routine maintenance, specific support issues or ad-hoc projects. And we have regular review visits with all of our clients also.

Our services are primarily aimed at business located with their main offices in the Greater London area, but our services are available for multi-site clients with locations across the UK.

Yes, we have out-of-hours, extended hours and 24/7 support available, on an either inclusive or billable basis depending on the support package taken by our clients

We can answer that simply by providing you with the facts. In 2020 our keep performance indicators were; 15 Minute Average Ticket Response Time, 12 Second Average Answer Time for phone calls and a 5 hour average issue resolution time.

Unlike many support companies that impose caps on support, and in particular site visits, often hidden in the small print, this is not the case with Labyrinth Technology. There are no limits on the number of support requests a user can raise, hours we spend responding to support requests or number of site visits we will provide (for those plans that include site visits).