Owing to their status – and very often fame – high-net-worth individuals and their families are tempting targets for cyber-criminals. Often these individuals live in the public eye, and as more information is posted and stored online, technology vulnerabilities combined with scams, targeted attacks, and data breaches, all pose a substantial threat to the high net-worth individual.

There have been numerous examples of high profile individuals being victim to cyber attacks. In 2014 there was the “Celeb Gate” leak of intimate photographs of famous people, supposedly stored securely on iCloud. In 2017 Emma Watson suffered a cyber-attack, and in the same year David Beckham had over 18 million emails stolen.

Cybercriminals conduct extensive research to gather valuable information on high-net-worth individuals. A profile is created, just as it could be against anyone, but the major difference is the value of the data. You are a high-net-worth individual, so it makes you an obvious target.

What can be obtained from a poorly protected high-net-worth individual could be sold to other criminals, possibly on the dark web for lucrative sums, or used for corporate espionage (new product details, purchase, sale, or merger information, and so on) to gain stock market leverage. Or it may simply be to conduct a straightforward theft of funds, which may well be significant.

It doesn’t matter what the motive is for a cyber-attack. It doesn’t matter how it is conducted, or what data is involved. In order to protect your property, wealth and loved ones from the effects and repercussions of cyber crime a big picture approach needs to be taken, rather than simply spending a fortune on products with fancy names, glossy labels and big price tags.

It requires a holistic approach to how your life and work happens, and who can have an impact on your cyber security. So whilst Labyrinth are able to deliver best in class technology solutions, we will also work with you to develop a culture of awareness regarding your activities and how they can pose a threat to your cyber security.

At Labyrinth, we understand what cyber security means for high-net-worth individuals. Our primary concern is to help avoid data breaches and ransomware attacks by providing comprehensive cyber security solutions. Combined with this is our un-rivalled Infinite IT support package which includes weekly on-site service visits (Covid-19 permitting), Cyber Essentials accreditation, quarterly service director review meetings and 24/7 support.

Our white glove services for HNWIs ensures protection against current and emerging cyber threats, and we provide training and awareness to keep your critical data secure at all times.









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