Labyrinth Technology have been helping London business with their network security for 20 years.  

But what is a network and how do you protect it?  

Your network connects together all your devices so they can communicate with each other and the internet. Networks are essential but they also expose you to vulnerabilities that can lead to a cyber-attack. Implementing security controls, policies and practices is fundamental to reducing the risk and impact of a cyber-attack.  

Labyrinth will help you with your network security strategy, risk assessments, disaster recovery planning, implementing and managing any security controls. Some (but by no means all) of the network security controls that all businesses should have can be fond below.  


A dedicated business-grade hardware firewall is now fundamental for all organisations and we aren’t talking about the basic built in firewall function that most home or small business routers comes with. 

Our goal is to make IT outsourcing in London available and affordable to all businesses, giving them access to first-class IT support without having to sign and commit to a long-term contract. 

Labyrinth Technology’s IT outsourcing in London services can either be all-inclusive ongoing support packages, designed to ensure that all of your support requirements are covered with one fixed monthly cost, or one-off IT projects. We are accredited by some of the world’s leading IT vendors, such as Microsoft, WatchGuard, Dell, ConnectWise and CyberTec, and our friendly team will act as an extension of your own business, ensuring your systems are always maintained and secure. 

Every business network should be protected by a UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliance which helps prevent intruders accessing data or carrying out other cyber attacks that will disrupt business operations. A UTM appliance is typically a piece of hardware with security subscriptions which protect against a wide range of threats from a central point.  

Labyrinth are WatchGuard silver partners and can provide a wide range of devices to meet different requirements.   

You should also turn on software firewalls (such as Windows firewall) to protect your devices on the move.

Secure System Configuration  

Systems that are improperly configured can expose your network to unnecessary risk. It is crucial that all network devices and network-connected devices are properly configured to ensure: 

  • Unnecessary software is removed 
  • Unused network ports and services are disabled 
  • Default passwords are reset 
  • Security tools are enabled and properly configured 
  • The network is suitably segregated (for example, by implementing a secure managed WIFI system with a separate network for guest users) 
  • The latest firmware updates are applied to protect against any newly discovered threats 

For our Managed IT Support clients, we use secure configuration checklists for users, computers and other devices to ensure every system that we provision is securely and consistently configured to an agreed standard. We also recommend cloud device management tools such as Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory to allow central management of user and device settings.  

Employee Governance and Awareness 

Your employees must be trained and governed on how to safely use your systems in the form of company policies and periodic training either delivered in-house or through cloud user security awareness systems provided by Labyrinth.  

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Our approachable staff will use plain English and not confuse you with technical jargon. We will never make you sign a long contract and we guarantee to respond within an agreed timeframe. And we will never oversell and will always work on the principle of ‘best advice’.


Maintaining a good IT resource can be time consuming, resource intensive and expensive, especially when you have a business to run. because of the specialist nature that IT can involve, business need to ensure their IT staff are up to date with the latest technologies and this usually involves training, which comes at a cost. In addition, staff turnover means a need to recruit, which is a similar drain on your precious resources. By outsourcing your IT support, you are get a guaranteed team of experienced, skilled and professional staff with a wealth of knowledge to manage your IT. And because training, recruitment etc for that team is the purview of the IT support firm, your costs are reduced.

Labyrinth Technology has always operated on the basis of 4 key promises, and one of them is that we will never oversell and will always work on the principle of ‘best advice’. Our managed service plans are broken down into 5 levels, ranging from “micro”, for businesses with up to 4 users only, right through to our “Infinite” plan, designed to be the Rolls Royce of support plans. At each level there is a “minimum” service that is supplied, but products and services can be cherry-picked from higher plans if necessary (apart from Infinite, which is all-inclusive of ALL of our services). We will always recommend support package which is best for your business.

Someone once said that a computer only gives the correct result if the right data has been programmed in, and it’s the same with IT support. We believe that conducting an in-depth analysis of your business, its processes and procedures is essential to delivering a quality support service. We will work with you and the incumbent supplier to review any current issues and carry out any work to address legacy issues, leaving our clients with improved performance and greater reliability. Our tried and tested transition processes and methodology is designed to minimise the risk to you when changing to Labyrinth Technology as your trusted MSP.

We have partnerships with major suppliers such as Microsoft, Watchguard, Dell and so on, and as such we can offer both the hardware and software necessary to deliver the support, services and solutions you need to run your business. We aim to be the single point of contact for supplying these products and services, as well as taking on the responsibility of managing these assets once in place. However, this is not a mandatory requirement. Our clients are free to source and purchase their own hardware and software if preferred, and Labyrinth Technology is always on hand to offer as much (or as little) advice to help them decide what options suit their business.