In the modern workplace users often have a number of different credentials to manage for cloud-based systems in addition to their devices. This can lead to users using weak passwords that are easy to remember or forgetting passwords which causes disruption.  

There are a range of secure authentication management solutions available that allow users to log in from a central point and protect the systems with two-factor authentication (a password and a one-time code or push notification sent to a mobile app).  

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Microsoft 365) Authentication

Systems that support Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication allow users to sign in with their Microsoft 365 accounts. Users will be able to see a list of the integrated apps from the Microsoft 365 portal using the Apps button in the top left and simply click on them to sign in. Devices joined to Azure Active Directory will also have Single-Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for these apps. This is an extremely popular choice as Azure AD is built in to Microsoft 365 and therefore does not cost anything extra. Support for Microsoft AAD authentication is now very common for third party cloud-apps

WatchGuard AuthPoint

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint product provides multi-factor authentication to third party cloud applications all from a central portal using the AuthPoint mobile app. Users can quickly and securely gain access to cloud systems without having to manage multiple credentials.

Using WatchGuard AuthPoint push notifications, users can get a pop up on their mobile phone (or even a smart watch) asking whether they wish to authorise the login attempt. You can also use WatchGuard AuthPoint to add an additional authentication layer for Windows and MacOS.


Okta functions in a similar way to WatchGuard AuthPoint and whilst we are not Okta partners, this tool is a popular choice amongst some of our legal sector clients that use document management systems like Net Documents. We are experienced in setting up and managing Okta.

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