Unified Threat Management (UTM) relates to a single, centralised security solution that provides a range of different security functions. This is typically in the form of a UTM appliance which features subscription services which provide protection against a range of different threats.  

Labyrinth are WatchGuard Gold Partners and recommend WatchGuard UTM appliances which are in the form of a hardware firewall and security services. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the different UTM security services available through WatchGuard and other security vendors. Labyrinth can recommend a UTM appliance and services that are right for your business.

WatchGuard firewalls are available with a range of different security subscriptions but we generally recommend the ‘Total Security Suite’ which is all inclusive of the above features in addition to providing updates and next day hardware replacement in the event of a failure.  

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Also using continually updated signatures, gateway anti-virus helps block known malware and spyware

Application control allows you to restrict, block or allow different applications on a granular level. You can also see in real-time who is accessing what

TDR correlates network and endpoint security events by using intelligence to detect and take immediate action against threats

This blocks users and devices from accessing malicious or inappropriate content. You can select which types of website you wish to block

Intrusion prevention scans all firewall traffic and provides real-time prevention against any threats using continually updated signatures

Network discovering provides a visual map of all the nodes on your network. This will help you identify any potential areas of risk

RED protects users from botnets and accessing malicious websites by looking up the website reputation

ATP blocker is an advanced malware protection feature which helps detect and prevent the most sophisticated types of attack such as ransomware and zero day threats (for example, malware that has not yet been discovered)

This tool helps prevent malware by blocking malicious DNS requests and redirecting users to training material. This product is also available in the form of Windows software to protect devices used outside of the office.