Microsoft 365 Backup

We are currently offering FREE installation of our Microsoft 365 backup solution until the end of March 2021. Contact us to get your Email, SharePoint and Teams data protected for only £2/user/month.


A good IT support helps your business focus on its core business without having to use resources on IT issues. By providing a service that is always at least equal to an internal IT department, but at significant cost benefit, it helps your business to drive revenue, reduce costs, reduce risk and increase productivity. An IT Support company provides outsourced IT Support services to organisations across all industries, locations and sizes. A good IT Support partner will offer proactive support, technology advice and consultation, project management and 3rd party IT supplier management.

Labyrinth Technology has always operated on the basis of 4 key promises, and one of them is that we will never oversell and will always work on the principle of ‘best advice’. Our managed service plans are broken down into 5 levels, ranging from “micro”, for businesses with up to 4 users only, right through to our “Infinte” plan, designed to be the Rolls Royce of support plans. At each leve there is a “minimum” service that is supplied, but products and services can be cherry-picked from hiher plans if necessary (apart from Infinite, which is all-inclusive of ALL of our services). We will always recommend support package which is best for your business.

Each of our support plans comes with minimum response times and hours of coverage, and the higher the level of support, the better these are. However, more intensive SLA’s can be included in your package if required, and this will be discussed during initial consultations.

Yes, totally. We want to be your support partner and not make you surrender any control of your day to day business processes. In actual fact we want to empower your business by taking over the time-consuming responsibilities of IT support, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you; your business.

Choosing an IT support company can be difficult, Labyrinth have put together a guide to help businesses choose the best fit for their business. Click here to download the guide!