Migrating from one system to another can be a daunting task but if managed correctly; it doesn’t need to be.  

Whether you are migrating from an on-premise system or from another cloud system, we are highly experienced in managing these cloud migration projects and can take the stress away from you.  

All migrations are assigned a project manager who will be responsible for ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum, change impact is properly assessed and managedall stakeholders are kept well informed and there is a smooth transition between systems. We will also make sure everything is properly documented.  

Microsoft Office 365 and Email Migrations 

Microsoft Office 365 migrations are our bread and butter. We have successfully completed countless migrations from a range of different platforms. 

We will pre-build your Microsoft 365 tenant and then arrange for mailboxes and other data to be migrated out of hours. We will then closely support your users through the transition to the new live system on the next working day.  

IT Infrastructure Migrations 

We routinely complete cloud IT infrastructure migrations for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking to move away from your on-premise infrastructure or move to a more suitable cloud product; we are here to help. IT infrastructure is the backbone to your IT operations, and we understand the importance of minimising downtime. We will ensure your systems are fully backed up before we make any changes and that the migration method has been carefully planned with the highest level of attention to detail.  

VoIP and Unified Communications Migrations 

Telecommunications are often crucial to the operations of any business. There are a lot of pieces of the puzzle when changing your phone system and most of them need to be very carefully managed; particularly number porting.  

We have migrated countless businesses to cloud VoIP and Unified Communication platforms and have been doing so for over a decadeWe will ensure all existing configurations, call queues and phone numbers are migrated as seamlessly as possible 

Migration projects that we frequently work on include:

IT Infrastructure

Business Software

VoIP and Unified Communications

Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite

Security Solutions

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The Journey to Your Cloud Migration Starts Here

Our approachable staff will use plain English and not confuse you with technical jargon. We will never make you sign a long contract and we guarantee to respond within an agreed timeframe. And we will never oversell and will always work on the principle of ‘best advice’.


The short answer is that we are putting our money where our mouth is by only asking clients to make a 30 day commitment. We don’t believe that we need to tie clients in to long term, multi-year contracts, but instead focus all of our efforts in delivering the highest standards of customer service. We want our clients to WANT to stay with, not have to stay with us. We are confident that after more than 20 years providing IT suppport to London’s businesses that our experience, technical proficiency and quality of service makes us a desirable IT Support solutions provider. And we can demonstrate our credentials as all work is delivered to IS09001:2015 Quality Management standards.

Each of our support plans ddcomes with minimum response times and hours of coverage, and the higher the level of support, the better these are. However, more intensive SLA’s can be included in your package if required, and this will be discussed during initial consultations.

We can help with the move AND the security needed as well! We’ve helped businesses work in a more agile fashion, including supporting remote workers by ensuring an on-demand supply of computers, along with networking, Wi-Fi and cloud facilities, and the software needed to make sure your remote workforce remains productive, as well as totally secure. Indeed we recently carried out a project to dial in to all of the home Wi-Fi routers of a client’s staff to determine the strength of security in place.

Many businesses are reluctant to trust cloud storage solutions out of fear over data security. Labyrinth ensure that all cloud storage solutions that we recommend have robust data security controls in place and comply with all local data protection legislation. All solutions that Labyrinth recommend ensure that data in encrypted both is transit and at rest. Data will also typically be replicated in multiple locations to ensure business continuity.

The cost of cloud storage does vary, as with most things, it is important to focus on the value that us provided rather than price. As most cloud storage is fully scalable, you are often able to change the number of users based on your changing requirements. This is particularly beneficial to start-ups and smaller businesses as it allows for flexibility as you grow.

Data stored in the cloud can often be accessed easily, from anywhere in the world. Whist all cloud storage providers vary, they often offer a local desktop client which allows you to access your files from your computers document folder. They often also offer the ability to access frequently used files without the need for an internet connection. 

Yes, that goes without saying. But we would stress that we always want to anticipate potential faults and resolve them before they become a serious issue. Patch or fix deployment will, if possible be done when the machine is not is unse, and system updates, the enhancement of security features and proactive procedures are always carried out to help eliminate data loss.