It is crucial that every business has a clear backup and disaster recovery strategy and plan. Labyrinth carry out a complete annual review of this for most of our Outsourced IT Support clients.  

We work closely with a handful of vendors to deliver a wide range of backup and complete disaster recovery solutions for our clients.  

Once we have worked with you to agree a backup strategy, disaster recovery plan and implemented the necessary solutions, we will monitor your backups. We can also schedule periodic restoration tests.  

It is crucial to understand the difference between file synchronisation (which is not backup), backup and full disaster recovery solutions. Its also important to consider that systems like Microsoft 365 only include very basic backups which are built into the platform and not replicated to a third party. Microsoft’s terms and conditions are clear that you are responsible for your data and they recommend arranging your own backups.  

We provide a Managed Disaster Recovery package which includes:  

  • An annual review of your backup and disaster recovery strategy 
  • An annual in-depth review of your disaster recovery plan alongside each of your departmental heads to ensure the needs of each department are considered  
  • An annual disaster recovery plan test, where will simulate a real disaster and test the effectiveness of the plan with nominated stakeholders from your business 
  • Management of the IT response to any major disasters (terms and conditions apply) 

We can provide backup for the following

File Backup
Windows Server Backup
VMWare, Hyper-V and Citrix (virtual server) Backup
Microsoft Exchange Backup
SharePoint Backup
Microsoft Office 365 Backup
G-Suite Backup
System Image Backups for Windows 10 and Windows Server
NAS Devices

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