Dropbox Business is a secure file sharing and collaboration platform.

Dropbox allows synchronisation of files between devices and the cloud through managed Team areas with granular access.

We are often asked why Microsoft Office 365 users should consider using Dropbox when One Drive (a similar tool) is bundled in with most Microsoft 365 subscriptions. In our experience Dropbox is far more reliable and user friendly than competitive tools like One Drive which are prone to regular sync issues such as conflicts.


  • Data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption both in transit and at rest in Dropbox data centres
  • Protect your accounts with two-factor authentication
  • Centrally managed security policies
  • Collaboration

Using Dropbox Paper, users can collaborate on files. Multiple users can work on the same file and see changes made by colleagues in real time.

Smart Sync

With Dropbox Smart Sync you can navigate Dropbox content on your devices without the files taking up space until they are accessed. Files are downloaded on access, or you can select folders to always sync offline to the device allowing offline file access if you regularly work on the move with no internet connection. When your device is back on-line, your changes will be synced up to the cloud and other devices.

Multiplatform Support

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

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